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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Foreign Education is WHY important.........??????

Many times I think & do researches that are we really going on the right direction? Mean to say that majority people are crazy to learn different foreign languages.............BUT WHY ? Is there any competition in the world that who knows the major number of languages, who will have the handsome packages? May at some level we have to consider this. But actually speaking as the economy of the world changes day by day, we have to change ourselves accordingly & think that what corporate are looking from one employee?  I think if you are servicing some where you also agree with this statement.  "DON'T BE A LIABILITY, BE AN ASSETS"  Yes for your COMPANY as well as your FAMILY.  

                      So as competition continuously increasing in the world & we need stagnancy to survive. I want to give one example here,  Before 12 to 14 years ago when I went to BSNL office for the our landline phone request, I got answer that after six month or more than that you will receive your phone at home. Mean, see the speed of service. Why, because some kind of MONOPOLY scenario was there. But as competition increases in some mid time they suffer a much. But at present that same company is giving the same services in one or two days. And may so why they are still in market. Mean if you continue with same orthodox mythology than it not possible to sustain yourself in the world. You keep practices & upgrading yourself than only space will there for us. 
                       Now there are many foreign companies who want to start a business with INDIA or many companies have already opened their offices. So they look for the muli-lingual from us. And if they not find the right one than they bring from their home country. So ultimately its a loss for our country. And if we got an opportunity than its good because on the high foreign currency we get the packages. Lets take the example of GUJARAT state, recently many German automobile company invaded for the business in Gujarat. So they are preferring the German Language speakers first. So what does it mean???? You are smart enough to understand. Even doctors & other high levels executives are very much required in different foreign counties but just because of the lacking of languages knowledge they can't proceed. Even if you know or don't than many CBSE board have implemented French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chines etc languages in course. And our Indian students are learning. So in future competition is going to pinnacle stage & will continue. 

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” ― Augustine of Hippo 

Thank you

Ritesh Dholakiya


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