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Friday, 26 September 2014

Advantages of foreign languages - TIMES OF INDIA Article

Learning foreign languages like German, French, Spanish, Japanese and Mandarin gives students an edge, finds out Alisha Gonsalves 

There has always been a growing importance for languages whether native or foreign, especially in today's era were communication has reached its peak and the world has become a smaller place. As globalisation takes a toll on the youth, an increasing number of youngsters are inclined towards learning foreign languages. 

Today, various institutes and universities are offering a number of courses in languages, among them foreign languages like German, French, Spanish, Japanese and Mandarin are now gaining momentum. 

"Learning a new language is not only interesting but also increases one's knowledge about the culture and lifestyle of the people of that specific country," says Ankita Damle, a first year BA student who is learning Spanish. Some students also learn languages to make a career in the field of translation and interpretation. Manasi Malvadkar, a second year BCom student is one such example who wants to have a fulfilling career in the field of interpretation. "Languages have always interested me and so I decided to have a career as an interpreter." 

Learning a foreign language gives students an opportunity to appear for international examinations like TOFEL, JLPT and DELE etc. Career options in the field of translation are plenty. Due to growing economic relations between India and various countries of the world, knowing a foreign language gives one the much-needed edge. With various MNCs hiring translators and interpreters, this is a fast growing field. "Being a translator can be an interesting job as you connect with various people of the world and there is an exchange of cultures and ideas from people all across the globe," says Anuradha Vaidya, an Italian translator. Besides, many international schools now need teachers who can teach foreign languages to students. "Japanese, is gaining importance as a foreign language and can be the next language that will be taught to students in schools after French and German," feels Tomoko Terada, an interpreter.


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