Hey guys since many years I'm dealing with the Educational sectors, and so here would like to inform that currently I'm giving the training on English, French & German languages. Meanwhile also providing the IELTS, Soft Skills Development, Product Training also.. Actually friends I'm full time engaged with one Company as a HR/IT executive. And part time doing this above activity. So any one wants to do they can or give my reference as well.. Have a nice day.. Ritesh

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Vacation Class for French, German & English Languages

Dear All,
              As observing the positive response from all the age group towards the Foreign Language Courses, herewith we are going to start the special vacation period classes for the same.

Who Can Get Admission :
 1) Students who appeared the exam & waiting for the results, can utilise their time to learn an additional language. 

2) Corporates or Executives who can add one more language knowledge in to their profile. Corporates can expand their business in different country. Even executives can apply for a job in multiple countries with multi language talent.

3) Businessman can learn a new language to expand the business & get closer to the clients.(special courses/packages available for the company employee's language and soft skills training)

4) Housewives can learn new language which will helpful to give valuable education for the next generations. 

From Basic Courses you can start your career & add one more feather in to your profile which will be beneficial for getting huge success in future.

Feel free to ask me on my cell no: 99799-41061 or mail me at : parlezmondial@gmail.com

Ritesh Dholakiya


  1. want to go german for further studies...shall I join course online??

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