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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Social Medias for Students?????? GOOD or BAD

Hello Friends,

                      One day I received one video on my Whats App account that is on the little baby. Baby was playing with the Cell Phone of his mother. Interesting thing is that when his mother takes mobile from him, he immediately start crying. And to stop crying, mother returned the cell phone & baby smiles & start playing with that phone. This was happened 6 to 7 times. And that shows that new or coming generations are how CRAZY behind the cell phones.
                       One more incidence I came across last year. One day one of my CBSE(French Language) 5th class students had Whats App me & were trying to get permission for late coming in the class. I socked with the writing speed of his on whats app & what short cut English spellings he was using.
                       Some of the time Cell phones & Social Media may good at some limit. But I as a teacher can't say that threw that Students can be a creative/productive/emotional/behavioral in his/her future. Some more I would like to share with you,
There is a very good old neighbor of mine. And they have a young college girl. Before some days ago the family were sit together & I was observing that that young girl had no time to even take interest to talk with parents. Because she was very busy in mobile phone. Many times I observed that his mother trying to attract her towards their discussion but......not success.

I have some QUESTIONS :

                                 Are we going FAR from the Family or Society ?????
                                 Shall our new generations will be Emotional?????
                                 Really your SON/DAUGHTER is doing productive, when you see them with                                                        mobile operating?????

                    Many more Doubts can be created when we are discussing on Social Medias. But what I'm observing at present that I put here.

My Thoughts :
                       Change is the rule of nature/world. Before some years ago there were no mobile phones, computers, GPRS, Social media, etc. You don't think so after some years people may bore from this all & will try to away from such things. ...........Many people think that live in present don't think for future. Ye its true ...fine. But we should never forget that on the pillars of PRESENT we can build the BRIGHT FUTURE for us as well as for the next world. What we leave here, your next's will accept it.

                        So try to make BOOKs as a FRIENDs rather to FBsWhtsapps,etc.

Note : We should not anti-social media but everything in limit it seems better.  You can give your comment also.

Thank you
Ritesh Dholakiya


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