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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Skills Wins You

                    Friends our parents are doing so much of expenses behind us for our good future & good study. As per my knowledge no any parents can even think that my child will not be a great personality. Parents are putting their child into a good school & colleges & try to give them a best education. And even Children's are also supporting very well. They are trying to score more & learn very sincerely.
                     Now forget first paragraph for a while, & imagine that you studied Engineering & you research that compare to your country, some another country is giving double more than that salary to you but condition is only that you must know that country's particular language. So at that time what will you do? You have to learn, because you know that opportunity comes not often.
                      Second example is that once you join in any local company & they made one clause that for promotion or getting higher increment you must know their mother company's or country's language & at that time if you don't know French, German, Spanish, Greek, Mandarin etc. second language what will you do?.
                     See friends, I know that you have skills, but to decorate those skills you requires a multi language skills. This is in demand now a days. Generally we have good technical or domain skills but just because of the lacking of that foreign language we are not able to reach to the management post. So only because of requiring little hard work why you are playing with your career?
                     Friends please study the market's current requirement & you yourself forecast the future requirement & prepare your surrounds for fulfilling that requirements.

                                   Never Give Up & Update & Upgrade Your Skills Daily. 

                                                               Skills Wins You


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