Hey guys since many years I'm dealing with the Educational sectors, and so here would like to inform that currently I'm giving the training on English, French & German languages. Meanwhile also providing the IELTS, Soft Skills Development, Product Training also.. Actually friends I'm full time engaged with one Company as a HR/IT executive. And part time doing this above activity. So any one wants to do they can or give my reference as well.. Have a nice day.. Ritesh

Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Use your Vacation for Foreign Language Learning

Hey Friends,
                      Generally I marked that now a days students are serious to learn something new. But many a times they select wrong activities or which not helpful in future compare to other activities.
So please be careful while choosing any activities especially in your vacation period. Whatever you learn in this, will very helpful to build your future.

What types of courses you can learn in vacation period?
1. To Learn Foreign Languages like English, French, German etc.
    Why this is important?
    Because now a days MNCs are recruiting many Indians. And if we know languages like French,          German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, etc. So the chances of section will be very higher & even            after that you will very speedily penetrate to the management level if you have a related quality.
    So this is not only the one reason but there are many reasons to learn foreign languages.
    And second thing, you can can find many classes surrounds you for French/German/Spanish                Language training/classes/coaching. Even you can find many classes online as well who gives            training via SKYPE, Whatsapp etc. (Video coaching)

2. Soft Skills Development (to improve presentation skills & personality)
    Think once, you have all required degrees to present for interviews but you don't have Soft Skills        to CRACK it than? Guys, now a days to have degree is not the end. You have to have a personality      to present yourself professionally. 
3. Professional level Ms Excel Courses (which will very helpful in your first job interview also)
    Because of the higher competition we have to go depth in every subjects which is professionally          attached with us. You seen many people who know Ms Excel. But matter comes to formulate the        sheet, very few can do. So what Companies are looking into candidates, that who can speedily            complete the task in computer. (specially for Commerce & science students)
4. To learn basic level of Social Media Optimization (Professional use of Social media platforms)
    Generally we feel that, this is very easy & I do everyday. Yes somewhere you are right but the            use of the social medial in profession is little different but its lucrative now a days. You can learn 
    it from Online courses as well. 
5. Courses for easy mathematics (ex. Vaidik Maths etc)
    Generally students aware about the importance of this course. So use your free time to learn this          course.

Guys it is not the end. There are many more courses which you can go for in the vacation time. After couple of weeks there will be a vacation time in CBSE, ICSE, Local Boards etc. So friends best of luck & go ahead with career oriented courses. 

Thank you,
Ritesh Dholakiya


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