How to survive in Pandemic? Especially for Freshers/students

Hello every one, 

As we see that since last couple of month many government have imposed lock down in the countries. So why many people lost their jobs or compromise with on going salary structures or by any way they suffer a lot in current scenario. But if we talk about freshers, they are having more challenging period, why? Because first of all they are freshers & lack of multi skilled. And secondly companies are having many experienced employee options. So how can freshers get the jobs than?

So first of all freshers have sound & depth knowledge of particular subjects or area. Now a days we see that if freshers have good knowledge but they are not able to express properly in the interview. They have interview fear & so why rejection ratios is very high. Solution for the same is that get some guidance from experienced people, interview cracking practice at home or classes where this types of training are provided. However freshers have good knowledge, good communication skills, computer savvy, but they are rejected by the companies. Why?

Here one major reason is lack of language communicating skills or not multi lingual. See guys now a days every one knows that you must have at least local language knowledge & English language. And many freshers having this communication skills also. But still they getting problems to crack interview. In this scenario if they gather more language knowledge like French, German, Spanish, Japanese language etc. will very helpful to select in any company. Simply we say than many more good or famous companies are from these spoken languages area. And if some are not from these are than they have via transactions with these language ares. So if someone have multi language knowledge they can raise their impression in resume as well in interview also.

And so to help especially freshers, we have started our new course for cracking interviews successfully.  In that we have two category like Students/Freshers & Experienced. So starting from resume building till salary negotiations training will be provided. The main thing is that Interview training will be provided by very experienced trainer who worked as a Sr HR manger in multiple companies for a decade. So it will be a golden chance to add a feather in profile. As you all already know that we provide Foreign language classes in our institute as well as online both. In that any one can learn French, German, Spanish, English, Japanese languages, etc many more. Which will be very helpful to improve your professional skills & stronger your resume or bio data.

Thanking you,Multi linguistic

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