Spoken Japanese(Basic)

  • Who should learn Spoken Japanese(Basic Course)?

As we see the importance of foreign languages in today’s world. So everybody should at least add one more language. Japanese can be learnt by any one who wants to strongly build their career at international level. It will give value addition of your personality.

  • What will you get after this course?

 The person who will learn this course, will able to do greetings, asking basic questions like prices, route, direction, ordering, etc. Mean to say student will do basic level conversation at ending. It will cover all speaking, reading, writing & listening modules with different dialogue practices.

At last last student will get enough confidence that he/she knows Japanese & can do basic communications. 


Japanese Exam Courses

  • Who should learn Japanese Exam Course?

Generally it seems that immigrants or students who are going for their further studies, appears in Japanese exams taken by JLPT. Exam name is JLPT

  • What will be in this course?

 This course is not designed by the our institute. It is as per given particular exam syllabus on international standards. And syllabus is defined by the JLPT which is having the exam conducting authority.  

Here learner will get confidence to crack exams. And generally these exams divided in different level forms like N5,N4……N1.

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Academic Japanese

It is kids or academic course. Students who have Japanese subject in their schools can choose this course. It is as per the standard Japanese book which is in school course. 

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Business Japanese(Design your own)

This is special course for the special people. Mean who is having diamond, textile, gold etc. business in Japanese speaking countries, they should choose this course. Here you will provided course designing facility. In that, as per you requirement you can select dialogue & materials. Which will helpful to your business.

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